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75 years on from the inception of the Parisian fashion house, Balmain has joined the podcast arena with a 10-part series, examining a key element of the brand’s history in each episode. Offering a look into the prestigious past of the luxury brand, the series takes listeners on a journey from Pierre Balmain’s humble beginnings through to the renowned brand that it has become today, led by Creative Director Olivier Rousteing. A podcast in which musicians deconstruct their songs to reveal how they came to fruition in short but sweet episodes. Offering first-hand insights from artists into the backstories behind some of their biggest hits from both a technical and personal point of view, Song Exploder is in no way just for audio junkies.

How do I focus on a podcast while working?

Play the podcasts at a lower volume.

A volume that makes it really easy to listen. When I'm doing thinking-work, and I can't really pay attention to the podcast, I simply lower the volume down where the audio is in the background. Then I can simply zone out the audio and focus on what I'm doing.

Nadia Sirota presents the biography of a composer, each time interviewing them about his or her artistic influences, background, and compositions. Here is a link to Episode 4 (the first episode I listened to) about composer Caroline Shaw who won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for music at the age of 30. This episode is really beautiful and is a total pleasure to listen to, like having your ears washed out with silk, fairy dust, and camomile tea. Or, at the very least, if I do, the shock and resulting questions by the hosts make me skip back to replay what I missed. There were far too many distractions on the train and I lost focus every time somebody near me moved.

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions

Interviewing a whole host of industry icons including Charlotte Tilbury MBE and Jen Atkin, this award-winning podcast provides expert advice from people who live and breathe beauty. The huge range of topics covered in this podcast makes it an easy one to dip in and out of, allowing listeners to pick out episode titles that pique their interest. Better still, the sheer volume at which these podcasts are put out means you’ll never be bored again, with new episodes four times a week.

podcasts while working

I was able to invest substantial time into my French learning whilst simultaneously reaping the benefits of running. Cooking, finance, dating, business, personal development, music, law, language learning, quantum physics, arts. In the second episode of our ‘In Conversation with…’ podcast series for 2022, Partner Lucy Lewis speaks to Dr Carl Benedikt Frey, Director, Future of Work, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. Dr Filby shares her fascinating insights into the impact of four generations in the workplace, how technology has accelerated generational differences and her views on what motivates people to work which has changed over the decades. Turning to hybrid working, Dr Filby goes on to discuss the dangers of a ‘hierarchy of needs’ approach as well as how it could potentially disadvantage women and ethnic minorities.

How has Covid impacted sustainability in our world and habits?

This comedy podcast sees the duo bring the same energy as they did in the show, offering up both nostalgia and laughs. From acknowledging privilege to her experience with pregnancy loss, with Ryan no topic is off-limits. Compelling, raw and empowering all at once, in this podcast the comedian perfectly balances candid chat with topical issues. Offering upright and thoroughly entertaining anecdotes, her natural wit brings light and humour to each episode, making for a pleasant yet thought-provoking listen. Excruciating and yet entirely addictive, Dear Joan and Jericha is a satirical advice podcast in which Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine take on the roles of two self-involved middle-aged agony aunts.

Friendships were broken, punches thrown, and families turned upside down by one person, who started spreading vicious rumours around a small town via Facebook. And the weirdest thing was, everyone knew it was the reclusive Matthew Hardy who was doing it – but nobody could stop him. Sirin Kale (whose other pod from last year, Unreal, was another massive success) investigates why it was so hard to stop Hardy’s cyberstalking, as well as hearing from some of the many women who Hardy accused of cheating and homewrecking. Ahead of this summer’s women’s Euros in stadia across England (Old Trafford! Wembley! Leigh Sports Village! Man City’s academy ground!) it’s long past time you knew the long history of women’s football in England. This one’s produced by the National Football Museum, and hosts Rosy, Uma, Debs and Meg chat to ex-pros and historians about the most important players and teams in the game’s development.


As you know we work on questions, challenges, dilemmas and issues that are related to racial trauma in the workplace and offer reflections and possible solutions. To do this, we make links to historical configurations, colonial relations and the expectation of black servitude. In today’s episode we consider the influence of the past on the present by exploring the concept of transference, what it means and how it might manifest in the workplace. This episode is all about making present-past links to better make sense of conflicts, tensions and race-based difficulties at work. In today’s episode we think about the dynamics at play in someone finding themselves in the role of being “The Black Advocate” (or any other position of advocating for marginalised groups) in the workplace. In today’s episode we look at how the workplace relates to the sociopolitical context it exists within.

  • The Prancing Pony Podcast is about the Middle-earth legendarium of JRR Tolkien, hosted by Alan Sisto and Shawn E. Marchese and delivers weekly episodes.
  • Each episode focuses on a theme – recently, romance, murder at sea, and snow.
  • My husband, Jack, and I listened to all seven episodes of this (so far) on a road trip to Galway last week and they were perfect.

With the disinformation war still ramping up it’s easy to feel disorientated when new fakery and speculation lands every single day – this is vital stuff. A new conspiracy investigation from the BBC’s Marianna Spring, who also fronted the excellent Death by Conspiracy? (which you can read about below), Disaster Trolls is all about the ghouls who bombard survivors of traumatic events like the Manchester Arena bombing with messages telling them they’re liars and fakers, or even shills working for some shadowy cabal.

Series 4

Stick on one of these podcasts on your next long run and watch the miles melt away… If the news is making you want to crawl inside your own body and hide, some escapism might be on the cards. For that, look no further than Gemma Collins’s podcast, a hilarious, sassy and infinitely warming chat show where, alongside spirituality, topics for debate include, “Is St Tropez and Cannes the same place?

Social Media Social Hour is full of episodes that walk you through some of the most common and some perplexing problems within social media marketing. Host, Tyler J Anderson (Casual Fridays), gets together with top brands and social media influencers every week to discuss ways in which marketers and businesses can make social media marketing work for them. The Social Media Marketing Podcast is an incredibly useful show for marketers and business owners working with social media. Much like the Social Media Examiner site, the podcast is full of tips and suggestions on how to make your social marketing campaigns better – using success stories as examples and bringing in marketing experts to interview. Firstly, I really want you to start to listen and to trust people who have lived experience of racism.

In a selection of interviews with thought leaders, experts in their fields and global stars, Oprah does what Oprah does best – draw out valuable and interesting insights from inspiring people. From Michelle Obama to Chanel Miller, lose yourself in these intimate and open conversations with some of the world’s best and brightest. Motivating, uplifting and generally just an enjoyable listen, each episode of Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations offers a different learning in relation to everything from mindfulness to how you can work towards realising your life goals.

  • It’s just normal people talking about their lives, and because Carr is so genuine they open up to her instinctively.
  • January is nearly over, but if you – like me – still haven’t quite managed to get back into the swing of things where the gym’s concerned, you’ll probably looking to magic some motivation out of somewhere.
  • Integrating music, storytelling, commentary, poetry and interviews fluidly with one another, Have You Heard George’s Podcast?
  • In a selection of interviews with thought leaders, experts in their fields and global stars, Oprah does what Oprah does best – draw out valuable and interesting insights from inspiring people.
  • However, they can also be a good way to stay productive and learn new information.

She also discusses the focus and process of her studies, and the wider experiences of people of colour and other marginalised people within academia. In today’s episode, we explore misogynoir in the workplace and the power and positionality of the Black woman in the corporate world. A really uplifting choice, How To Fail, hosted by the author Elizabeth Day, explores why moments of failure can actually lead to ultimate success.

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