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Nella Cacciacarro is an emerging star in the Real Estate world who is quickly building a reputation for achieving her clients’ goals and going above and beyond to make it happen. Now a proud member of Team Rod Frank, Nella brings her passion, persistence and dedication to home buyers and sellers in the Hamilton and surrounding areas. As an agent inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, she happily puts others needs above her own and loves working with amazing people to build long-term relationships.

Nella has a background in finance which contributes to her success as a real estate professional. Prior to becoming a home sales specialist, she also specialized in HR and Customer Service which gives her excellent problem solving skills while never compromising her integrity, compassion and care for her client. As a realtor, Nella strives to blend her years of experience working with people and numbers with her drive to constantly learn more in order to serve her clients in exceptional ways. She’s a detail-oriented hard worker committed to eliminating the complexities of the home buying and selling process.

When she’s not busy helping clients, Nella has a passion for food and loves cooking, yoga and spending time with her family.