• EMAIL: heidi@w85.ab8.mytemp.website

Heidi brings an extensive entrepreneurial background and commitment to building trusting relationships to Team Rod Frank. She has spent over 25 years helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams in business during a career in economic development for a large Canadian municipality. This experience now helps empower investors and homeowners to realize their dreams through real estate investments. Her innovation, generosity, and leadership skills make her a unique and valuable member of Team Rod Frank.

Heidi carries her passion for real estate and homes across many aspects of the industry from renovating countless properties to even designing her own custom home. She continues to build her own real estate portfolio through continued acquisition of rental properties. This experience helps investors make the right real estate decision for them.

When she isn’t working, Heidi enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter, in her sauna or quality time with family and friends. Some of the causes that matter most to Heidi are cancer, heart and stroke and support for senior citizens. Her motto is that life is to be lived.