• EMAIL: dane@w85.ab8.mytemp.website

Growing up with the Frank family, Dane has always admired Rod Frank and considered him to be a role model. So naturally, when Dane started his real estate career, he made his move to work with Team Rod Frank.

Dane’s negotiation and sales skills make him a valuable asset to Team Rod Frank.Dane is an honest, hardworking, and driven individual, whose aim is to provide you with the best possible outcome when buying or selling your home. As a person of integrity, Dane aims to leave every client feeling that they can trust him with the buying or selling of their home.

When he isn’t working, Dane enjoys playing computer games and spending time with his family. One of Dane’s goals is to get into a regular fitness routine to improve his overall health and wellness. Some causes that are important to Dane are the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.